Tobaquera and Curandero

Tesshas been working with Sacred Tobacco and other plant medicines for over 20 years. Her presence is a divine tapestry of connection, dedication, empathy, integrity and healing power. When you weave together her magnificent presence and power, with the sacred Mapacho, its grounding power and cleansing spirit, you are gifted a divine ally and healing experience. This is an opportunity to take a step into honouring yourself and needs, to find a deeper sense of self and alignment within.

What is Mapacho and how does it work…?

Mapacho is a wild sacred Amazonian Tobacco. It is a powerful healer, that offers cleansing and grounding energy for those that choose to partake in its gifts. In ceremony the tobacco is drunk to activate deep healing and detoxification of both the body and psyche. Mapacho works through physical and emotional purging and many experience connection and communication through a lucid dream space. Once again the magic of Mapacho is being called to our shores, being brought from Peru with the divine guidance, support, insight and power of ourTobaquera and Curandero,Tess.

What to expect….the logistics…

A seven night diet consists of a ceremony each night, this may be alone or in a group, based upon the calling of Tess and Spirit. During the ceremony you will drink tobacco prepared by Tess our Tobaquera and guided through the process. You will then retreat to your own space to commune with the medicine.

There would be two diets. Starting from 26 Mars to 2 April and second diet from 3 to 9 April, 2019. Diet will take place in Los Caños de Meca, Cadiz, Spain.

Each day you will be served a light breakfast and lunch to support the bodies detoxification process and the work undertaken each evening with the tobacco.

Contribution 2019

For diets are two prices: one for those who have started to diet the full course ( which i will refer to as student price) and price for new people as of 2019.

Tobacco diet  (first time) 1235€

Tobacco diet if also continuing with tree diet 1160€ each diet

Trees diet  1325€

Students  1250€

(All accomodation are on a double occupancy basis. There will be only 2 single occupacy that will be charged with a plus of 200€. Maximun 16 people per diet.) Forma de pago 50 % on reservation and 50% arrival date.


Part of the process is the preparation stage, preparing our bodies to allow the best possible interaction with their allies. To do this, please begin working with a more plant centered diet and embrace the following for 7-10 days before your dieta commences:

No alcohol

No smoking (marijuana)

No other plant medicines

Reduce chilli and spicy foods

Reduce salt

Reduce sugar

Reduce oily foods

Please note there is no shaving/cutting of hair and nails during dieta. Females – if you are menstruating during diet, please inform Tess.


Sleeping bag

Pillows/cushions for ceremony




Toiletries – don’t forget your toothbrush (ensure all natural products as you will be detoxing during the week)

Toilet paper and trash can. Appropriate clothing – for the heat/cold night and wet weather

It will be spring in Cadiz, 18ºC max 10ºC min)


Head cover (hat or scarf – it is important to keep your head covered from the sun during this process)

Water bottle or two

Personal items to support your journey: Journal/books/pens/gems/sacred items etc

Suggested: water bottle.


Arrival between 12pm – 1pm.

Please ensure that you are well hydrated and have had a light breakfast and lunch before arrival. No food is to be consumed after 1pm on day of arrival.

A little reminder – once you arrive, you will not leave the location until the end of your dieta.


Avda Trafalgar, 21

Los Caños de Meca

11159 Cadiz, Spain.

Best ways to get here:

by plane Jerez de la Frontera Airport

by train San Fernando Bahia Sur

by car A48way out 36 Conil Playas

Please email me any questions you may have. I look forward to seeing you as you step into this beautiful offering and process

AGREEMENTS (reminder)

To create a respectful environment for yourself, fellow participants and the land holding us, I draw your attention to the following agreements. The intention of these agreements is to co-create a safe and sacred container of respect and honour for all and the deep work we will be undertaking.

No discussion of the dieta location to anyone not involved in the dieta (this has been implemented to keep the location energetically safe and also due to the fact that last year this was not honoured and the owners of the land we used were investigated by their local council). With this in mind. I will only be releasing the location to those participants once their deposit

No physical contact once the dieta is open.

Any communication with other participants should be kept to a minimum and done with respect to the others around. Tess may call days of silence during the dieta.

Respect of the land and facilities provided. Please clean up after yourself, keeping communal areas clean and tidy.

No entering the kitchen space, unless you have been given permission by Tess.

Respect all other participants. When Tess is in communion with a fellow participant – respect the sacred nature of their interaction and do not interrupt or listen in.

No leaving the property at any time during the dieta. You will be shown areas that you can go and walk to commune with nature.

Tess may add her own agreements.

If you have any personal preferences such as vegan diet, vegetarian or other please let me know so we can accommodate your needs for the closing diet meal. All meals during dieta will be very small, simple and completely plant based, to support the detox and connection with your plant ally.

On arrival – please provide the remainder of your contribution in cash, sealed in an envelope with your name on it.